Temkit for Children

TEMKIT's Secret Message

to Children & Teens:

Granny Temcat wants to tell you a secret. You have probably visited many children's sites on the web; some you liked and some you didn't like. But this site is a bit different than some; on this site we only want to tell you about things that are Real and True. 

We want to share with you wonderful things out of God's Word - the Holy Bible, and also tell you many things about Nature, Animals, Pets, and how you can care for your body, and stay strong and happy. You will learn things here that many big people do not know about.

You will be surprised at some things you find here; because sad to say, there are so many untrue stories being told these days, that we are not used to hearing the real truth. 

You will have a great adventure learning how real things can be more fun than make-believe things.  You will also learn that many 'Make-Believe' things can spoil your true fun in life. 

Granny Temcat wants you to know that we think children are special, and they can do and learn a whole lot more than most people think they can! Granny Temcat's Daddy was the manager of a whole big farm, when he was only ten years old! On this website you are not going to see children called names like 'kids'** or 'rug rats' - those kind of names just make children seem silly and not important. Children are the younger members of God's Family!

Jesus thinks children are very important! In fact He had a lot to say about children in the Bible. He liked the children to come to Him and He still does. Every child has his or her very own Guardian Angel  sent from God up in heaven to help them, and try to guide them to do right. 

Did you know that Jesus thinks children are so special, he told the big people that if they told lies to them or hurt the children, that they were going to be in big trouble with God. Every child's angel can go right to heaven and ask for help for his child and God is never too busy to listen and send help.

Granny Temcat wants all of you to know, that no matter who you are, if you pray to God in the name of the children's Friend,  Jesus,  He will hear you and help you. If you are ever in trouble or afraid, pray to Jesus and ask for help; you will get it - for sure. Jesus also can help you when you are tempted to do wrong; just ask for help to do right; you will always get it.

If people ever make fun of you, or you feel you have no friends, or you are worried; talk to Jesus about it. He was once a child too, you see, and He knows how you feel.

SO if you only want to see monster cartoons and silly things that are not true; you will not find them here. But if you want to learn real things and become a wise young lady or young man then you will find a whole treasure chest of good things on this website. Happy Learning and have fun too!  =^..^=

** Some people have tried to tell me that the name 'Kids' came from the German name 'kinder' that means children--but this is not so. If you look at the old meaning for 'kid' from the old Webster's dictionary it says:

KID, n. [L. hoedus; vulgar.]
1. A young goat.
2. A faggot; a bundle of heath and furze.
KID, v.t. or i. To bring forth a young goat.
1. To make into a bundle, as faggots.
KID, v.t. To show, discover or make known.

We want our beloved children to be Jesus' little lambs not little goats--Jesus tells us the goats in His parable are the lost! Let's all choose to be Jesus' happy Lambs and not little goat-kids!

Granny's Message to Parents