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UPDATED: 02/25/2021



Some sections have moved to the New PathlightsJr, You can now find your audio books here:
http://www.pathlightsjr.com/13-Mysteries/15Story-MP3s/Audio-Stories.htm  Also brand new ones here:


E-Book Library For Teachers & Parents

Pop-up Kitties Game

All the Fun Places to Visit:

1: Fun With Art: Pictures to Draw & Color

2: Activities: Things to do & Make

3: Story Papers & Quarterlies

4: Little Folk & Preschoolers

5: Poetry & Poem Stories

6: Knowing Jesus for Yourself

7: Most Amazing Book: Here we now feature Bible and Mission Stories to Print: A Treasury for Homeschoolers, Sabbath Schools, and Family Worship!

8: True Stories From Granny's Old Story-Books!

9: Learning Life's Lessons: Audio MP3s and EBook Stories

10: Being Healthy & Happy

11: Character Building Story Set:

12: Scare-Dee Cat

13: Mission Stories

14: Fun with Pets

15: Wildlife Stories

16: Nature and Creation Tales

17: True Education Readers etc.

18: Angels & Other Mysteries

19: Bible & Nature Picture Gallery

20: Music: Good & Bad 

21: Heavenly Hearts

22: Learning About Birds

23: God's Special Messenger and the Pioneers

Granny's Question Corner

 Click to play: 'Jesus Loves the Little Children'


Temkit's Secret Message

Message & Free E-Books for Parents

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