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EBooks and Audio Mp3 Stories to help you grow in your Christian Life.

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I Will Do What's Right! MP3
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Listen While Granny Reads Exciting True Adventures.

Trial by Firing Squad.mp3

Under the Open Window.mp3

Our Daily Bread.mp3

Elijah's Revenge.mp3

Strange Mission.mp3

"Joy at the End of the Road" 01.mp3 / 02.mp3 

Audio MP3 Books:

"That Book in the Attic" Audio MP3 book read by Grandpa Tucker.

"The Singer on the Sand" Granny Reads an Exciting True Mission Story Book in Audio MP3

"William Farnsworth; Advent Pioneer and his Twenty-two" Granny Reads a True Pioneer Story Book: Audio MP3

The Amazing True Story of George Mueller--the Man of Faith: Audio MP3

The Box-Car Children: An Old Favorite with good Lessons.

Exciting e-Books:

Illustrated E-Book Story of Florence Nightingale

E-Book Story of Helen Keller

Granny's Letters to Teens:

"It will please the Lord Jesus to have the children ask him for every spiritual grace, to bring all their perplexities and trials to the Saviour; for he knows how to help the children and youth, because he was a child himself, and was once subject to all the trials, disappointments, and perplexities to which children and youth are subject. God's promise is given as much to children and youth as to those of more mature age." YI 1894