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 Little Billy was only three years old, and very, very sick. He had been sick ever since he was born. Most boys and girls of three are running all over the place, but not Billy. He couldn't run. He couldn't walk. He couldn't even stand up. 

His arms were so feeble he couldn't lift a spoon to his mouth. His mother had to feed him all the time, just as if he were a baby. 

His eyes never seemed to move. They were fixed in one position. He took no notice of anybody or anything. 

He was, in fact, more dead than alive. And yet he didn't die, though all who saw him said he couldn't live much longer. Billy's parents took him from one doctor to another in the hope that one of them might be able to do something to make him better. But it was no use.

They spent thousands of dollars on medical bills, but all in vain. Nobody seemed able to help. It was very, very sad. 

What else could they do? What else could anybody do?

Then one day a new doctor came to the hospital where Billy was lying in the children's ward. When he heard about Billy he said he would like to see him.

As he looked down at the poor little boy he suddenly remembered something. Some time before he had seen another boy like this, and a certain medicine had made him better. Would it work again? He sent for the drug and injected some of it into Billy's arm.

A few minutes passed. Then the mother, looking eagerly, hopefully, at the poor little thing on her lap, cried out, "Look, doctor! His eyes are beginning to change!"

"Impossible," said the doctor. "It's too soon."

Certain she was right, the mother watched excitedly. Ten more minutes passed.

"Something is happening, doctor!" she cried. "I believe he's moving his muscles!"

"I'm afraid it's just your imagination," said the doctor. Five more minutes passed.

"Look!" cried the mother. "Look! He's coming to life!" The doctor left his chair and came over to Billy, snapping his fingers beside the little boy's ear.

Instantly Billy turned his eyes in the direction of the sound. It was the first time he had ever moved his eyes. A few minutes later he slid off his mother's lap onto the floor. Then he stood up. He had never stood before.

"Thank you, doctor, thank you!" cried the mother, picking Billy up in her loving arms. Then, her heart overflowing with happiness, she carried him home. It was like one of the Bible miracles.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if all sick little boys and girls could get well as quickly as Billy? It surely would. 

Sadly, it doesn't happen that way very often. But someday it will. It surely will. 

The Bible says so. All of a sudden, "The eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped. Then shall the lame man leap as an hart, and the tongue of the dumb sing." Isaiah 35:5, 6.

Suddenly, gloriously, it will happen. The blind will see. The deaf will hear. The dumb (people who can't talk) will sing. The crippled will run and jump. But when?

"Your God will come. . . and save you," it says. That's when. When Jesus comes again all the sick people who love Him will be made better, never to be ill again.

No more measles, no more mumps, no more scarlet fever, no more chickenpox! Won't that be wonderful? 

Perhaps you have weak eyes and have to wear glasses. Suddenly you will find yourself able to see better than ever. You will throw your glasses away. You will never need them again. 

Perhaps you have had trouble with your teeth, and cried a lot because of toothache. You have had to go to the dentist many times. You have held on to his chair while he drilled and filled the cavities. But no more. Never any more. Suddenly you will have a brand-new set that will never decay.

Perhaps you have had polio and one leg is a little shorter than the other. Maybe you have to wear a brace and can only hobble around. Suddenly that poor leg will be restored just like the other; just as you have hoped and prayed so often that it would be.

Perhaps you have had to stay in bed a long time because of a weak heart. Suddenly the weakness will vanish. You will leap out of bed and run about just like other children. And your heart will never bother you again.

Whatever the trouble, whatever the illness, whatever the pain, it will all disappear when Jesus comes again. For then the beautiful promise will be fulfilled: "God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away." Revelation 21:4.

No wonder people have been looking, longing, hoping for His coming for years and years and years. No wonder His coming is called the "blessed hope." No wonder the apostle John prayed, "Even so, come, Lord Jesus."

Come, happy day!


"But what about when we are sick now? Is there any help for us?"

A long time ago when I was little; I was very sick a lot of the time. Often I had to be in the hospital and Mommy and Daddy could not always stay with me. So I had to stay there all alone. 

Oh, yes, there were nurses and doctors there to take care of me, but they were strangers, and I missed my Mom and Dad. 

BUT I knew a secret and I'm going to tell you about it too. I knew Jesus, and I knew that He sends a SPECIAL GUARDIAN ANGEL to care for every boy or girl! 

These GUARDIAN ANGELS are with every child, all of the time. And so I would lie there in my little bed in the hospital ward, and I would talk to Jesus. I would ask Him to have my ANGEL hold my hand. And then I would put my hand out, like I was holding mommy or daddy's hand; and I would go to sleep unafraid. 

How could anybody ever be afraid with one of God's Mighty Angels holding their hand? Of course not! It's better than any bodyguard you could ever have. 



Yes! Indeed He does; and it is always OK to pray and ask Him if He will please make somebody who is sick well again, if it is His will. That means if He sees it is for the best. He always knows best.  Even a child can pray like that!

Praying for Daddy  

The little girl in this story was only three years old when she did this lovely thing I am going to tell you about. What a great deal of good even a tiny three-year-old can do!

Her father is a very important businessman. Not long ago he became very, very ill. He was so sick that two doctors were called in, and the servants in the great big house where he lived were told to go about their work without making the least little bit of noise, so that the master would not be disturbed.

Nobody was allowed in the sickroom except the nurses and the doctors. They were most particular about this. There was to be no troubling of the patient for any reason whatever, they said. If he did not sleep, then there would be no hope of saving his life.

And that was just what the patient could not do. Sleep would not come. Hour after hour he tossed about, restless and irritable, and constantly getting weaker.

As the days passed and he became steadily worse, the doctors finally decided that there was nothing more that they could do. It was only a matter of time, they said, and the family had better prepare for the worst.

All this time little Gloria had been filled with curiosity about what was going on in the darkened room. She knew her dear daddy was sick in there, but she couldn't understand why she was not allowed to go in, why she had to be kept so far away from him.

Now and then, when nobody was looking, she would creep along to the door of the sickroom and stand outside listening, as quiet as a little pussy hunting a mouse. There she would stay until the nurse opened the door. Then she would run away so fast that there was no time for the nurse to blame her for being there.

How little Gloria did want to see her daddy! She felt that he needed her, and it made her cross to be told that she mustn't go into his room any more.

Then one afternoon, as she was looking around a corner of the corridor, sadly watching the door of Daddy's room, the nurse came out and walked down to the bathroom. And she left the door open!

Like a streak of lightning Gloria sped around the corner and into the room. She just had to see her daddy, and you couldn't blame her very much, could you? But when she saw her daddy she felt very sad. He looked so pale and tired. "Poor Daddy!" she said, gently touching his hand. "I'm so sorry." And then after a pause, "I love you, Daddy." Daddy turned his head and smiled weakly at her. "I'm glad you came to see me," he whispered, trying to stroke her golden curls. Tears filled Gloria's eyes, and all of a sudden she walked over to the window and looked up into the sky. And there she talked quietly to Jesus, just as though she were talking to a very dear friend. In a moment or two she was back again at Daddy's bedside.

"Daddy," she said very earnestly, with her sweet little face aglow with happiness, "Jesus told me just now that you are going to get better.”

Daddy smiled and slowly closed his eyes.

Just then Gloria heard footsteps. It was the nurse coming back! But Gloria didn't even think of running to hide. It was her turn now.

"Ssssh!" she said, as the nurse came in, an angry frown on her face. "Ssssh! Daddy's asleep. Don't wake him up!" The nurse looked, and to her amazement she saw that Gloria was right. Her patient was asleep at last. The little girl had done more than all the doctors and the nurses together. The poor sick man, whom everybody had given up to die, slept soundly all that night, something he had not done for many weeks. In the morning, when he awoke, he was so much better that the doctors could hardly believe their eyes. And he kept on getting better until soon he was his old self again.

Today he is back at his work, but he never tires of telling the story of how his life was saved, not by the doctors, but by his own little Gloria and the prayer she prayed at the window that afternoon.