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I have some REALLY TRULY STORIES to share with you that will help you not to be afraid when you are by yourself anymore.

Meet Our 'For Real Best Friend'


Who was Jesus? A baby in Bethlehem? Yes. A carpenter's boy in Nazareth? Yes. A kind man who helped sick people? Yes. Jesus was all of these, and much more.

Long before Jesus came down to this world as a baby in Bethlehem, He lived in heaven. In fact, He was the one who created this world in which we live. He made the beautiful trees, the flowers, the hills, the valleys, the birds, the animals, and the fishes in the sea. In heaven all the angels loved Him and delighted to do His bidding. There all was happiness and joy. 

Why then, you ask, if He was so happy in heaven, did He come down to the world at all?

 Because He loved the people here, and it made Him sorry to see so many dear little boys and girls growing up to be wicked men and women. True, it was a great sacrifice for Him to exchange the joys of heaven for the sorrows of earth, but He did it, knowing that there was no other way to help people to live better and to save the little children for His kingdom.

But why did He come as a little baby, and not as a grown-up man? 

Just so He could grow up like all other little boys and girls. He wanted to live as they live, so that He could be better able to help them all afterward. Well, Jesus the baby grew into Jesus the little boy, and He became Jesus the man of Nazareth, who went about all over Palestine doing kind deeds and healing all the sick people who came to Him.

He taught the people many beautiful lessons, and told them how to live peacefully and happily together. It was Jesus who said that we should do unto others as we would like them to do unto us.

"You have always heard," He said to them also, "that you should love your friends and hate your enemies, but I say unto you, Love your enemies, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them who are unkind to you, and hurt you." Matthew 5:43, 44.

In His own life Jesus carried out these beautiful lessons, and all the people loved Him. That is, all except a few who were jealous of His popularity. These few were wicked people, and they did not like the way Jesus rebuked them for their sins! (sins are when people disobey God).

These people plotted to kill Him. Think of it! Here was the Son of the great God of heaven, walking about among men, healing and helping them in every way He could, and yet some wanted to take His life! Could anything be more wicked or unkind than that?


And these wicked men succeeded in their plan. They told falsehoods about Jesus, and finally persuaded the Roman governor to allow Him to be crucified. Then the Roman soldiers nailed Him by His hands and feet to a wooden cross in the cruelest possible way, standing the cross up on top of a little hill called Golgotha, overlooking Jerusalem.

There, on the cross, Jesus soon died, killed by pain and sorrow. When He was dead His friends came and, taking Him from the cross, buried Him in a rock tomb belonging to a man called Joseph of Arimathaea.

You ask, "Why did Jesus let the wicked people kill Him?" 

Just to show them the full extent of His love. He could have called all the angels of heaven to help Him fight against those wicked men. But no, if He could help them more by dying, He was willing to die. By His death He opened the kingdom of heaven to all who should believe on His name. That is what that beautiful text means which says, “God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16.


So Jesus died and was buried, but He did not remain dead. On the third day after He was killed, the disciples came to His tomb and found it open and empty. A little while after, Jesus met them, and they rejoiced that their beloved Master was alive once more.

For forty days He stayed with them, telling them of the work He wanted them to do, and how they were to go forth into all the world to tell everybody they met, men and women, boys and girls, how much He loved them all!

Then, one day, while He was talking with His disciples near Bethany, He began slowly to move away from them, rising higher and higher into the air until at last, far up in the skies, "a cloud received Him out of their sight," and He was gone.

Yet though Jesus went back to heaven He did not forget those whom He left behind on earth. Nor has He ever forgotten His children through all the long years that have passed since that time.

His love never changes. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He died when He was only a young man, and He never grows old. Having been a boy Himself once, He knows just how to help other children today, rich or poor, sick or well, in all their difficulties and in all their temptations. He will never fail you if you put your trust in Him. He is the children's Friend. 

 "There's a Friend for little children Above the bright blue sky;

A Friend that never changes, Whose love will never die.

Unlike our friends by nature, Who change with changing years,

This Friend is always worthy The precious name He bears."


David Learns About His Best Friend

 You look sad, son," said Mamma, as David came slouching into the kitchen with his hands in his pockets. "What's the matter?"


"Well, what to begin with?"

"Oh, I dunno. I suppose I'm just tired of trying to play by myself. I wish I had some friends around here, or a brother or somebody."

"You remind me of someone," said Mamma, smiling at his woebegone expression.

"Who?" asked David, looking up.

"The little boy who said he felt so lonely he wanted to go into the garden and eat worms."

"E-EEww! I don't like worms," said David. "I wish we didn't live out here so far away from everybody. I want a friend who—"

"Let's go into the dining room and talk it over," said Mamma, dropping the work she was doing. David always liked to have Mamma talk to him; so he welcomed the idea at once, eager to hear what she might say. 

"Now supposing," said Mamma, when she was seated, and David was leaning over the arm of her chair, "that you didn't have a friend in the world—no Daddy, no Mamma, just nobody at all--and then someone came along and told you that you could choose any friend you pleased out of all the people in the world--what sort of friend would you choose?"

David thought a moment, with a puzzled look on his face. "Someone who would play with me," he said finally.

"But you would hardly put that first," said Mamma.

"Wouldn't you choose someone who would be good and kind and truthful?"

"I suppose I would," said David.

"And wouldn't you want a faithful friend, someone who would not only be your friend today, but remain your friend all through life?"

"Um," grunted David, " 'Spose so."

"And I suppose you would choose someone trustworthy, who would never tell your secrets to anybody, and never let you down in any way?"


"And you would want him to be strong, so that he could help you and maybe protect you from harm someday?" 

"I think I'd like that, too," said David.

"And what else would you like your friend to be?" 

"Rich," said David.

Mamma smiled. "That would be nice, of course, provided he was generous and unselfish," she said. "Anything else?" 

"Can't think of anything else," said David.

"But you would like to have a friend like this—good, kind, truthful, faithful, trustworthy, strong, and maybe rich, too?" 

"Surely," said David. "But there's nobody around like that." 

"But there is," said Mamma.

"Where? Who is it?" asked David.

"Let me tell you," said Mamma. "The Bible tells us of a Friend who 'sticketh closer than a brother'; Someone who loves us all so much that He is willing to be everybody's friend, your friend and my friend, too, David. And you know who it is, don't you?"

David's face had taken on that faraway look again, and he said nothing. "Well, He is just everything a friend should be," Mamma went on. "And the more we know Him, the better we love Him. Do you know His name?"

"I suppose you mean Jesus," said David.

"That's right, dear," said Mamma. "And let's think for a moment what a wonderful friend He is. First of all He is a very kind friend. He must be, for when long ago He looked down from His glorious throne in heaven and saw all the sadness and the sickness and the quarreling in this poor old world, He said, 'I must go down and help these poor people and show them a better way.' 

"So He left His throne and came down to this earth as a little baby and grew up as any boy does, so that He would know just everything about little boys and the things that little boys like best, and how lonely they get sometimes.

"Then He went about making all the sick people better, helping the blind to see and the deaf to hear, and saying all the nicest things He could to everybody all the time. You see, He wanted them to know how much He loved them and how He wanted to be their friend.

"Then some cruel people took a dislike to Him and didn't want Him for a friend, and finally killed Him. But even when they were treating Him so cruelly, He prayed for them and said He forgave them. 

"After that He rose from the dead and went back to heaven to sit upon His throne of glory once more; but He did not forget the people He had left behind here. Through all the years He has loved them. He loves us all today, and wants to be your friend, too. And this proves that He is not only a kind friend but a faithful friend. His love has never faded the tiniest bit. And it never will. In some wonderful way He knows all about every little boy and girl that is born, and watches over them, if they want Him to, all their lives.

"Then Jesus is a very wise friend, too; and it's good to have a wise friend, you know David, someone who knows everything and can answer all your questions."

"Does Jesus really know everything?" asked David. 

"Surely He does," said Mamma.

"How?" asked David.

"Well," said Mamma, "ever since He went back to heaven He has lived nearly two thousand years. And before He came here, He lived 'from everlasting,' and nobody, I suppose, will ever know just how long that is. If you could think back millions and millions of years, you would never get to the beginning of it. So, David, anyone who has lived as long as that must be very, very wise, don't you think? And that reminds me of something else about Jesus. He is a very strong friend.

"You said just now that you wanted a strong friend, and there's nobody so strong as Jesus. The Bible tells us that He made all this great wide, wonderful world—all the mountains and the seas, the flowers and the trees, the animals and the fishes, and all the people, too. He created the first parents of every living thing on the earth today. He also made the sun, the moon, and the millions and millions of stars."

"How could He do all that?" asked David.

"He just spoke, and it happened," said Mamma. "That's what the Bible says. And mustn't it have been marvelous to see star after star blaze out in the sky as He called each one into existence!"

"Like fireworks," whispered David.

"Yes," said Mamma. "The most glorious fireworks ever seen. And this only goes to prove how strong a friend He is. Seeing that He made everything, and keeps the whole universe running smoothly as a clock, He must be very strong indeed. That is why He says to us, 'Is there any thing too hard for the Lord?' " 

"He must be a rich friend, too," said David.

"He is," said Mamma. "Ever so rich. In fact, there is no end to His riches. All the gold and silver in the world really belong to Him, with all the diamonds, the rubies, and every other precious stone, for He made them all. And we don't know how much more He has stored away in the stars. With such a wealthy friend we should never worry about what we need." 

"What other sort of friend is He?" asked David.

"Well, I should say He is a very patient and long-suffering friend," said Mamma. "We all do many things that displease Him, but just as soon as we tell Him we're sorry, why, He forgives us and afterward is just as friendly as ever. And that's so different from the way many earthly friends treat us. Often­times, just as soon as we annoy them, they get upset and run away and never speak to us any more. But Jesus doesn't treat us that way. He is 'the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever,' and it's a great comfort to have a friend whose love never changes. 

"Then, one of the best things of all about Jesus is the fact that He is an ever-present friend. You used to have little friends living next door, but they have gone away, and you may not see them again for years. But Jesus doesn't go away like that; He is always, always with us, wherever we may go."

"How can He be?" asked David.

"By His Holy Spirit," said Mamma. "All we have to do is to tell Him that we love Him and want Him to be our friend. Then He will come into our minds and hearts by His Holy Spirit, and we shall feel His presence with us all the time. We will think about Him and talk to Him, and sometimes, maybe hear Him talking to us. And so we shall never be lonely."

"Never be lonely," repeated David slowly.

"No, never," said Mamma. "Just thinking about Jesus and His love, and trying to please Him by doing His work and helping people He wants to help, will keep us always happy."

"Is that why you always look so happy?" asked David. "Why, yes, of course it is," said Mamma. "And Jesus is whispering to you, David, just now, 'Let's be friends.' "

And Mamma smiled such a beautiful smile and spoke so softly and lovingly that the frown suddenly disappeared from David's brow, and the peace and joy that were in Mamma's heart overflowed into his.

David had found a really truly new friend—Jesus. 

You can have this all-the-time-Friend too! This is not a make-believe thing, like when we pretend to have a story character with us, or pretend to be a story character; Oh, NO! This is for REAL! 

Anybody who wants to belong to King Jesus, can do so! Just pray and tell Him you want to be his child, forever. 

How do I pray?

Well it is easy, you just talk to Jesus in your mind, or if you are in a quiet place by yourself, you can talk out loud to Him. When you can, it is good to kneel down and close your eyes and fold your hands, to show respect for God; BUT you can pray in your mind to Him at any time, He will hear you, and when you ask for help and guidance to do His will, He will always answer you.

Then you seek to learn more about Him everyday.  See if you can get a real Bible, this is Jesus' Book and is really a love letter to His children. The King James Bible is best, but whatever one you have, start to read about Jesus in it, and each time you read, ask Him to send His Holy Spirit to be your special teacher, so you will understand it. 

He will do it! You can start by reading about Jesus life on earth in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; or about how he made the earth in Genesis. Read some every day and talk to Jesus about what you learned. 

Read the other stories in this section and you will learn more about being Jesus' child and never being lonely.

Anywhere with Jesus I can safely go,
Anywhere He leads me in this world below;
Anywhere without Him dearest joys would fade;
Anywhere with Jesus I am not afraid.

Anywhere with Jesus I am not alone;
Other friends may fail me, He is still my own;
Though His hand may lead me over dreary ways,
Anywhere with Jesus is a house of praise.

Anywhere with Jesus, over land and sea,
Telling souls in darkness of salvation free;
Ready as He summons me to go or stay,
Anywhere with Jesus when He points the way.

Anywhere with Jesus I can go to sleep,
When the darkening shadows round about me creep,
Knowing I shall waken nevermore to roam;
Anywhere with Jesus will be home, sweet home.

Anywhere, anywhere! Fear I cannot know;
Anywhere with Jesus I can safely go.